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Workflow with Scott Josuweit

Capture Crew December 28, 2022 67

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What happens when you pair a former 7th-grade math teacher and a photography business? You end up with today’s exciting Capture Crew guest!

Scott Josuweit joins us on the podcast to talk about workflows and automation that will transform your business into a well-oiled machine.

Before we get into that though, you might be wondering about how someone goes from being a math teacher to a photographer. Scott shares a story with us that he first was introduced to photography when he met his girlfriend who is also a photographer.

Where many people struggle with settings and knowing how to use a camera in manual mode, Scott saw it as a math problem. When he changed certain settings, he got different results. In that way, it became a fun formula to figure out.

But Scott didn’t jump right into workflows the way he did with photography.

He admits when he started his business he spent a lot of time on social media, website creation, and setting up foundations (like learning new technologies that he wanted to set up).

So how did he balance learning photography while also still teaching?

“You have to put in the time and work.”

If you want to scale – you have to put in work and time. Set aside time solely to focus on the education that you are consuming.

This will help you accelerate growth and learning so you can scale much faster.

You may feel yourself having to overcome the desire to stay comfortable. Our brains play tricks on us to keep us where we are, which can make it difficult when you’re trying to start a new successful venture.

The best tip is to take small actionable steps that are so small, your brain doesn’t even really know what is happening!

Once you’ve been able to get yourself to a place where you are established you’re going to quickly realize how time-consuming menial tasks can be.

Here’s how Scott has his workflows set up so he can focus on his clients, his photography, and growing his business without getting bogged down in admin work.

Before Every Shoot

Scott keeps templates in folders based on weddings, engagements, and portraits. This way he already has the organization set up to keep track of everything for each client.

He also cleans his camera and sensor before each shoot, and you should too!

When You Get Home From a Shoot

First, Scott has 2 separate backup cards. One he keeps in the camera and one he keeps on himself. That way if something happens to one, the other is in a separate location and still safe.

When he gets home he backs up all his files. We will let you listen to the podcast and count for yourself just how many backup files Scott keeps!

Post Production

Starting out Scott culls through his photos by running through Aftershoot to widdle things down first.

Then using Narrative Select, he will refine the photos further using the details it gives of which photos are the best.

Once that part is done, Imagen AI is what he uses for the editing.

For edits that ImagineAI isn’t quite refined at, such as cropping, straightening, color dodging, etc, Scott will send them to an editor for those adjustments.

Once he gets them back he’ll do one more run-through for fine-tune adjustments before sitting down to meet with the couple.

Putting Together Albums

Scott has a virtual assistant who will put together an album and then he has reveal parties with the couples where they can build the album together on the spot.

For everything else, choose systems that will work best for you. Set expectations by setting up templates to delegate and send automatically.

Want to know how Scott manages his blogging and social media with workflows? Well, you’re in luck!

Scott has a course coming soon where he will show you how to use Lightroom to set up your blogging and social media.

Remember, consistency is key. You have to become disciplined in your business. It doesn’t mean that you’re not providing individualized experiences. Again, establish those expectations.

To connect with Scott, find him @smjphoto or

More about Scott

Scott is a former 7th grade special education math teacher turned world renowned wedding photographer and educator. He has photographed over 400 weddings and is an ambassador for some of the largest companies in the industry – MagMod, SLR Lounge, Sprout Studio, PBSCO, and Visual Flow. Scott created his educational coaching brand Purpose & Process during the pandemic in 2020 when he saw a way to combine his two true passions – teaching and photography. Purpose & Process is aimed at helping photographers identify their core values and create systems that serve those values so photographers can earn more and work less.

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