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Getting In Front of the Camera with Brittany Ford

Capture Crew September 14, 2022 78

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This week on the Capture Crew Podcast, Tom and Christora are chatting with photographer Brittany Ford all about getting in front of the camera.

Brittany is a New York-based Wedding Photographer who focuses on capturing true-to-life and candid emotional moments.

One thing that Brittany does really well is self-portraiture.

If you peep her Instagram you will find these photos sprinkled throughout her amazing wedding photography.

So we asked her to join us to share all-the-things about getting in front of the camera and what we can learn from her.

Firstly, if you’re anything like us, your first question is logistics.

How does one capture stunning pictures of themselves?

Well, getting in front of the camera is not as hard as you might think!

Inspired during the pandemic, Brittany began to practice shooting photos of herself at home.

With just a camera and a few simple tools, she’s been able to create share-worthy photos of herself.

The Nikon branded app is a huge help, it allows Brittany to get her face in focus using her phone by her side, while she’s in front of the camera. She also keeps a shutter remote that works with her camera nearby so she can give herself the time she needs to set up the shot without having to rush into it.

She has some simple backdrops in different colors and very basic lighting tools that you can find inexpensively on Amazon.

As a photographer, it can be hard to take pictures of yourself (or have them taken for you). Your eyes are trained to see things you don’t like and it can be easy to criticize the photo.

Much of our conversation today expounded on getting in front of the camera, whether as a couple or by yourself.

What you really need to look for in a photographer is someone you know and can trust. Someone who can capture you and your relationship exactly as it is, without creating a false pretense of who you are.

“I should have just let go and trusted my photographer”, Christora shared during the episode.

She had been in this exact situation, with her husband, in front of Brittany’s camera for their vow renewals. Christora shared how stressed she was and how she was having a hard time letting go and just living in the moment because she was busy thinking about the outcome of the photos themselves.

Try not to be different than who you are on the day of your photoshoot.

Getting in front of the camera can feel really stressful and sometimes couples will ‘perform’ knowing they are being photographed.

If you are not a couple that is normally very touchy, doing so for the sake of the photos will feel uncomfortable and you will notice it in the pictures when you see them.

As the photographer in these situations, you can help break the ice by asking a couple to hold a pose longer than expected.

After a few poses like this, they will realize you are in control and hopefully, they will let up and allow you to direct them on how you want to capture them.

Brittany likes to get up close and personal with her camera, something that Tom has implemented in his own work and received positive feedback on.

She would like to focus more on landscapes too, making sure to capture the background, especially when the photos are being captured in beautiful far away places.

There’s a happy balance if you can remind yourself to capture both close-ups and landscapes.

Brittany’s advice for photographers getting in front of the camera: “Let go of expectations and just enjoy the process.”

While getting in front of the camera may not be top of your list, taking the time to practice self portraiture will help you learn the angles you like so you can repeat them when the time comes to have your photos taken.

Read more about Brittany in her bio:

Let me introduce myself – my name is Brittany Ford. I am a New York Wedding Photographer at your service. I love to travel to new places to capture my couples personalities and love.

Although I live smack dab in the middle of a city known for their drinking problem, a Superbowl LVII winning football team, chicken wings & Cheerios and a city known as the birthplace of Kodak cameras; I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

Living between Buffalo & Rochester has its perks because I brings me back to my roots & makes me feel at home after growing up in Punxsutawney, PA for the first part of my life. I have lived in so many different places of the years, but my heart always brings me back to Buffalo. 

Fun Fact, I moved 5 different times in 2 years after college. I started photography back in middle school just playing around, not knowing much of what I was doing until I started to take classes in high school that spilled into majoring in photography at SUNY Fredonia. There was something about the campus darkroom that stood out to me and made me more curious about exploring other realms of photography. Even now, you may catch me with a film camera in my hand because I can’t get enough of it. ADELE VOICE*

My biggest goal within my whole business is to make sure YOU are as comfortable as can be from the inquiry process to after you receive your gallery of images. You are most likely here for one thing, trusting someone to capture your special moments.

Hi, hello- that’s me! I want to make sure you get those Pinterest worthy moments that make my jaw drop behind the camera knowing that you will absolutely love that shot. Overall, I want to build a friendship with all of my clients that is long lasting, knowing that you always have a shoulder to cry on, a gal always down for a wine night & a photographer friend for life!

HELLOOOO… IT’S ME!! I cannot wait to work with you!

Other than some details about my background, let me tell you a little bit about my present. Currently living in the middle of cornfields in Batavia, NY with the love of my life, Brandon.

Other than my mom, he is the biggest support system I have during my day to day shenanigans.

While he did not know he signed up for a crazy cat lady when he swiped right on the good ol’ Bumble app, he tells me every single day he wouldn’t have it any other day and to not bring home another.

We will definitely see about that, haha!

He’s going through intense training to become my second shooter so maybe you will get to meet him soon!

Connect with Brittany on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and her website.

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