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What AfterShoot Can Do For You with Christine Tremoulet

Capture Crew July 27, 2022 62

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This week on The Capture Crew Podcast we’re chatting with Christine Tremoulet from AfterShoot about her photography journey and how AfterShoot just could be the thing you need to level up in your photography business!

It all started in 2007 when Christine sold the blog hosting company she had and decided she wanted to become a full-time wedding photographer.

Her mission statement “I help you grow your confidence by rediscovering your beauty” spurred Christine into becoming a business coach shortly after.

However, as we all know, 2020 was a hard year.

Because there was a need for business coaches but not a way for them to afford services like that, Christine took some time to herself.

She coped by buying a bunch of plants, so so so many plants.

When local plant markets started happening, Christine offered to photograph the market.

Frustratingly, when she came home from her first market, she had over 1000 photos to cull.

After procrastiworking – her term for doing any and everything except culling her photos, all day – she posted a plea on Facebook asking photographer friends to recommend a software that could help her go through them faster.

That’s when she discovered her newest love, AfterShoot.

She started a cull that night and it was done by the morning!

After that extraordinary experience, she started telling everyone how much she loved AfterShoot.

After all, she could cull 600 photos in 4 minutes. With 10 minutes to review afterward, she was really gaining time back in her days.

What used to take hours and hours was now taking her mere minutes.

Being vocal about her love on her social media accounts got her discovered by AfterShoot themselves.

They booked a call with Christine and by the end of the call, they offered her a job!

Now Christine gets to spend her days singing the praises of AfterShoot.

As she shared with us, AfterShoot is a miracle program that makes image assessments for you using AI technology. It will compare similar images and select the best shot between them.

You get to continuously teach it your culling preferences so you can streamline your workflow.

When you’re done you can export all your images to Photoshop, Lightroom CC, or another software program.

So the big question is, what will you do while AfterShoot is working for you?

AI software can be found across all industries and if we use it wisely it can help us gain back precious moments.

You need space to allow yourself to explore creative ideas – that’s probably why you do some of your best thinking in the shower!

Having this extra time and not filling it with more work is a beautiful thing. Giving your brain time to rest is crucial to your overall growth both personally and in business.

How do you define success? Is it based on what you truly want or what society says it should be?

You get to define where you want to go next!

You can go any route you want, AfterShoot will fit right into your workflow.

One other beautiful thing about AfterShoot? It works locally on your computer, so you don’t even have to be on the internet to get started on culling your photos!

It’s your time to build the business that supports the life you want to live.

And because you’re part of The Capture Crew podcast you can enjoy a discount and a free 30-day trial!

Just head on over to and use the code: Crew15

And then follow @aftershootco on Instagram for all the latest news and inspiration!

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