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How We Approach a Wedding Story

Capture Crew July 13, 2022 56

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This episode of The Capture Crew podcast is a discussion between Christora and Tom all about how to set yourself up for success on the day of a wedding shoot.

First things first, Christora and Tom shared their brand positioning. It’s important to know your brand position because it’s going to drive everything you do, it will affect the decisions that you make and ultimately help you focus on the right things the day of the shoot.

Tom’s brand position is that they’re a luxury brand that caters to a luxury experience. Timeless and classic, he positions himself to cater to a variety of needs and requests.

Christora’s brand position is that she is there to make your day as easy as possible and will do whatever you need her to do in order to ensure things are smooth and that you have time to breathe.

Speaking of breathing, Tom keeps his couple calm and builds trust by giving them a breathing test. Taking their hands, he’ll ask for them to transfer all their weight to him to relax them. Not only do these few deep breaths super help the couple, but it also helps Tom build trust with his clients.

Christora loves to build trust by having an engagement session. While she admits that not all couples are interested in this – the ones that are will be quicker to trust her on the day of the wedding. They have had a chance to see how she works and communicate any important details.

How do you determine what to put weight on for the wedding day?

Tom says a lot of it depends on timing, there may be more going on in prep or there may be more in portrait sessions.

Having a conversation about what matters most to them is Christora’s go-to way to ensure they’re getting everything they want.

As far as timelines go, Tom gives his couple a questionnaire that he will review with them the week of the wedding. It includes things like what special moments or occasions they want to capture so that he can get those candid moments that tell stories.

Christora creates a timeline 2 months prior that she shares in Google Docs, giving permission to edit the document to the couple. That way, whenever they have slight changes, the couple can edit the document directly without having to send back and forth emails to Christora.

On the day of the wedding, Christora will start with details. She’ll ask her brides to do hair first and makeup second, since she’s more likely to want to capture makeup than hair.

Tom likes to build extra space into the timeline by suggesting the couple starts earlier than they intend so that there is a buffer when things inevitably go over.

Lastly, read the room. You can tell what’s going on with everyone. If people are getting tired or need a break, you’ll know when to stop. Don’t push on when everyone is miserable because it will show in the photos.

You have more control than you think you do.

Tom’s parting thoughts are to learn from 2nd shooting. This will help you learn how to manage timelines and keep things moving. And make a list of the important parts of the day you should be capturing so you don’t miss anything.

Christora reminds us to “listen to understand, not listen to respond.”

Give your bride and groom space to talk and share whatever they need to so that you can be best prepared for the day.

Finally, don’t stress. You will learn as you grow and soon the things that were hard to remember will come so naturally you won’t realize you’re doing them.

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