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ImagenAi & AfterShoot Ambassador Mike Zawadzki

Capture Crew June 16, 2022 98

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Photo of Mike Zawadzki with his camera

Today on The Capture Crew Podcast we are joined by Mike Zawadzki. Mike is a 15-year professional wedding photographer in New Jersey whose business shoots 90-100 weddings a year!

His branding position is capturing true to life and candid wedding photos. With a photojournalistic style with a little bit of drama added.

Diving right into his first introduction to AI technology, he shares with us the journey that led him to his time-saving process.

When Mike first explored AI photo editors, he stumbled upon Google Deep Dream Generator which creates dreamy and surreal photo edits. He also played with Neural Blender, which lets you type in a search string or a phrase, and it designs the photo for you using all of your photos.

He discovered he was often playing with these programs instead of culling his photos, tapping into other parts of his creative side.

It was around this time that he first began using ImagenAI and AfterShoot to help him seriously edit his photos. Culling picks specific photos for you to help you select what to edit, you can use this technology to quickly remove duplicates and create a faster workflow for photo editing.

Christora agreed that using programs to help remove duplicates is beneficial and time-saving. She added that she loves that the settings allow you to specifically decide what gets combined and that it’s great to use on close-up images of details.

For Mike’s process, he often begins editing his photos on the same day so he can remember key moments. He’ll first drop them into Lightroom so he can view the previews.

After these steps, he will process his photos through ImagenAI which overall gives Mike an elevated starting point. Who couldn’t use that?!

For keeping on a timeline and delivering his content to his clients consistently he uses Asana which is a project management program.

He marks out his dates, one month for engagements and two months for weddings.

Sharing that he doesn’t mind paying money to outsource to other things he needs to be done, he says there’s value in paying someone to do your web design, copywriting, blog posts, content, and sales training sessions.

Tom added, “It’s hard to let go but you gotta do it, especially when your schedule gets hectic.”

When it comes to resistance that most photographers have to technology and keeping up, Mike said, “Don’t be afraid of something just because it feels scary and new.”

Learning new technology helps you stay relevant!

Mike will be spending time this July in his slower season batch filming for reels and other content.

When he’s not busy capturing weddings or creating online content you can catch him launching his summer course on AI Workflows.

Follow him on Instagram @mikezawadzkiphotography and on his Facebook Group Stars and Souls Photography Education.

Read more about Mike Zawadzkiphotography and his photography services as shared on his website:

“Every couple is welcome and encouraged to use our photography services. This means every race,
religion (or lack thereof), sexual orientation, gender, etc… You are welcome here.

It is also important for us to firmly mention that we support black lives, racial justice, LGBTQ rights, and
women’s rights. We do not subscribe to the old taboo that business and social issues should not be mixed.

It is important for you to know where we stand on these issues, which we consider to be basic human rights.

While we don’t expect to always hold the same exact views as all of our clients, we draw the line at supporting black lives, LGBTQ rights, and TRUE equality for all. When I shop somewhere I want to know what kind of people are getting my money, so I thought I would be real and upfront about it with you.”

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