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The Importance of Social Media

Capture Crew March 10, 2022 100

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This week on The Capture Crew Podcast, Christora and Tom talk all about social media, which platforms to use, how to use them, and the importance of each one. If you have been struggling with knowing where to start — this episode is going to be your best friend. Below we share some highlights from the episode and some helpful tips for you to feel confident in your next steps on social media for your photography business!

Social media kind of has a bad rap these days. There is a flood of information coming in and the platforms are constantly changing their algorithm preferences, which can make it feel like hitting a moving target each time you post.

By simply taking a step back and giving an overall view of your wedding photography business, you can start to build the foundation needed to get the running start you deserve.

Tips when posting:

First, make sure everything you are posting matches your brand voice. If you have a copywriter helping with your social media captions it sounds like you and your brand wrote it.

When you post, keep in mind aesthetics. Your profile is your canvas and you want to make sure when someone new finds your photography page, that it is cohesive and sets the tone of what kinds of content they can expect from you. For example, you wouldn’t want to post something light and airy if your vibe is dark and moody. Keep it consistent so you attract the kind of clientele you want to work with.

Another thing to keep in mind is your niche. You need to know who you are and what niche you serve. If you are an adventure photographer who typically shares photos of the outdoors, you wouldn’t want to randomly add a post about the aesthetics of ballroom dancing.

When you know who your ideal client is you can be intentional about the content you post. Make sure you are creating value so that people want to stick around and get to know you. When you build that value as an expert in your field, it will allow you to charge higher rates to align with the value you bring.

Make sure you’re also catering to your audience based on the niche you serve. You’re not posting content for yourself. You’re posting content for your audience. Who are they? Are they couples looking for a wedding photographer? Are they other wedding photographers looking to learn tips and tricks from you? Make sure you’re speaking to the right audience every time you post.

When considering your captions, remember that longer captions do not always mean you’re adding more value. Write with your client in mind and consider one of these 3 writing tips:

  • making the post entertaining — share a funny story
  • make it valuable — share something the audience can take away
  • make it informative — what do you want them to know?

With all of this in mind, now you need to consider your platform.

  • Tiktok
    • What does your bio say? Make it clear so people know exactly what they can expect (and then post just those things!)
  • Instagram
    • Find a posting schedule that works for you, Tom posts previews from weddings within 3 days and uses 3 posts per wedding to keep his feed cohesive.
    • Tag and Comment with every vendor you worked with and ask them to share.
    • Use something like Planoly or Hootsuite to plan your grid ahead of time to get the look you want.
    • Geotagging: tag the locations where you were, or locations of where you want people who are browsing to find you from.
    • Hashtags: Find the ones that are relevant to your niche and make sure to include these.
    • Reels: IG is preferring the video content on their page, consider using your Tiktoks and repurposing them for a reel on IG.
  • Facebook
    • Link Instagram to Facebook so that anything you share to IG automatically gets shared to Facebook.
    • There’s less work to do on Facebook but typically you will be found here by previous clients recommending you to others in Facebook Groups so it’s important to have at least a small presence here.
  • Word of Mouth
    • While this can be the toughest to get started, it will be the easiest to grow.
    • You could offer gift cards in exchange for reviews to help promote your business.
  • Blogging
    • Focus on your SEO (search engine optimization), platforms like WordPress and Showit
    • make it easier to hone in on your SEO.
    • Keyword research will help improve your SEO – all of this will be in the back end and should be used while blogging.
    • Google Analytics is another tool to help with optimizations for your website.
  • Pinterest
    • Finding a social media manager who understands pinning and tagging on Pinterest can help grow your presence there, driving more traffic to your website
    • Post 1 pin a day on Pinterest
    • Eden Streden teaches a course on Pinterest that may be helpful for you
  • YouTube
    • Great resource for educators
  • LinkedIn
    • A helpful platform to build your network and connect with other business professionals
  • Vendor Connections
    • Make Wedding Coordinators and Event Planners your best friends. Having a network of people you can refer your clients to, and vice versa, will really help grow your business in profound ways.
    • Finding coordinators and planners that you connect with will also help you know you are going to find like-minded clients.

Got all that? Great! It’s time to pick a lane. Now that you have these thoughts in mind, choose one or two things to focus on as you build your social media platform. Try to focus on it for 6 months, not getting distracted by what others are doing. After 6 months, look back and see if you can identify the return on investment for your work. You should be able to identify at this point what is working, what isn’t, and what could use adjusting. Then you can continue to expand on those things as you see fit.

While there are obvious challenges in getting started with anything new, we hope that these tips we have shared will help you feel more confident in your photography business.

Follow Christora’s IG: @greenapplephotoky

Follow Tom’s IG: @tomrussophotography

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