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An Interview With Kyle Conder

Capture Crew January 27, 2022 123

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Today on the Capture Crew Podcast, Christora and Tom talk with Kyle Conder about his journey as a photographer and how much of that success is attributed to the community he has found in WLMA.

While Kyle has been shooting since 2009, it wasn’t until 2020 when he launched his photography business amidst the pandemic that he realized something had to change.

Though he closed out the year successfully, with 9 weddings at about $16,000 – it was truly after he jumped into WMLA where he saw his business really skyrocket to 6 figures in 2021.

How do you prioritize what changes you want to make for your growth? Well, for Kyle, the number one change he made was his mindset.

Give yourself permission to believe in your goals.

Kyle Conder

Kyle also made another radical change and he began to invest in his business brand. He took the Luxury Filmmaker course with Greg Lorenzo which helped him elevate his content.

Another big change, possibly the biggest change of all, was Kyle began to shift the way he handled client relations. What used to be an automated response to any inquiries, now Kyle works on building relationships with potential clients.

Showing up authentically as yourself is truly one of the most radical ways you can reach your clients. Instead of seeing every interaction as a sales transaction, focus more on talking with the client. Who are they, where are they from, what are they passionate about?

Getting to know your potential client will authentically build a relationship of trust that in turn will encourage them to want to book with you.

Christora mentions that she gets into an emotional aspect with her clients by asking them to look back, 4 years from now, and describe what they see from their wedding day. Having these more intimate revelations helps her to create a unique experience for her clients that they may have not thought of on their own. This also helps her to identify any potential triggers so that she can help create a stress free day for her clients.

Kyle likes to be clear on objectives for the day and dig deeper into what the clients needs and wants are. Do they want light and airy? Dark and moody? Indoor or outdoor photos? Once you can identify what the client envisions, you can help them to create the ideal photos.

Tom treats every meeting with a client as a job interview. He is sure to put his best foot forward and explain to the potential client just what they are getting if they choose him. By getting to know them, he’s able to paint their day for them so that they can envision exactly what they are going to get.

Either way you approach your clients, it’s clear that having authentic conversations with them will help build your rapport and create a positive working experience. Being able to know ahead of time what the client pictures for their big day will help ensure they are happy when that time comes.

Are you invested in a community? One thing that we all agree on is that having a community of like-minded creative individuals can really help you scale your growth.

Whether you are looking to grow creatively or maybe with systems and processes, having a group to turn to and learn from can make all the difference.

Of course, that comes with it’s own challenges so be sure when you are starting out that you don’t feel pressure to contribute as much as you consume. Be mindful of your interactions and remember, everyone is always learning — even when it looks like they have it all figured out.

Be like a sponge taking your time to truly absorb the content you’re taking in, stay humble and go slow.

As Christora says, “There’s a time to consume and a time to contribute.”

Once you start to not feel like the new guy anymore, remember what that was like. There’s still so much you can learn and so much you can help encourage others with. Be willing to share and always keep an open mind to learning new things. There’s so much out there to learn and everything is ever changing. The best way through is with community.

You can reach Kyle on Facebook under Kyle Conder or on Instagram @kyleconder.

For more content and to support the podcast check out The Capture Crew on Patreon.

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