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Computers for Photographers featuring Matt Russo

Capture Crew January 21, 2021 34

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If you’re anything like Christora, when it comes to computers, and technology in general, you feel like a fish out of water. Luckily, Tom has a tech guru at his fingertips… who just so happens to be his little brother.

When Tom was deep into his photography business and wanted to increase his tech capability for editing, he reached out to Matt. Thrilled to give his older brother advice on what computer to get, it spurred an ongoing conversation between two brothers that they share today.

Matt Russo is a Windows specialist who lives in Fairview Height, Illinois. Working at Best Buy for the last year and a half has given him amazing insight into the details and specifications of computers.

…just like Nike, if you take the Nike symbol off of a shirt it’s $30, put it back on it’s $75.”

-Matt Russo

By utilizing car parts, Matt describes each aspect of a computer in terms someone like Christora can understand. The engine is your processing power, the seats of the car are your memory, and the wheels are your storage – you’ll need different aspects depending on how far, fast, and competitively you want to drive.

Matt makes the process of buying a new laptop or desktop painless, walking us through gaming laptops, Windows Operating computers and Macs, the difference between a build to order and an all in one, why refresh and response rates are important, and how the operating system you’re currently using influences your photography business.

If you’re going with an Apple I would recommend a build to order, with Windows devices you can usually find a pre-built that will fit your needs.”

– Matt Russo

Some great advice from Matt is to stick with the operating system you know. If you decide to switch understand that it is an investment of not just your money, but also of your time as you will need to learn the ins and outs.

To get his PDF from our conversation, join our 200mm crew at

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